Paris/Disneyland 2010

Poor quality pictures due to my old camera, I had no idea what ISO meant and I set the ‘scene recognition’ mode, but here you are, snaps from my trip to Paris three years ago.

Paris 1Paris 2PAris 3PAris 4Paris 5Paris 6Paris 7Paris 8Paris 9Paris 10

If I ever go back there, I would definitely go in summer to catch more blue sky and I would explore the city more. One thing I found challenging was taking pictures in Disneyland as there was a lot of people everywhere.The last one was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower and although the view was beautiful, there was a fog in the distance and the sky was colourless, therefore the light was not great. Despite heavy wind, I really enjoyed a boat ride through Paris. The buildings reminded me of what I always admired in French movies, they were old but that was what made the capital so remarkable. And the number of shops is just endless πŸ™‚

Have you ever been to France?

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