Scarborough 2012

I am definitely not happy with the dark tops in the pictures, that’s what I need to improve in my later travels. Scarborough is truly beautiful and I recommend going there. I don’t have it photographed but there is also a beach opposite the shops so lot’s to stick around for 🙂

Scarborough 1 Scarborough 2 Scarborough 3

Scarborough 4 Scarborough 5 Scarborough 6 Scarborough 7 Scarborough 10 Scarborough 12 Scarborough 14319405_376241069111349_2104051768_n


5 thoughts on “Scarborough 2012

  1. Awesome, I have never seen or visited a place like this….what beauty. I am sad because I will never get to see a place like this in person. Thank you for sharing.

  2. These are wonderful! As an Anglophile, I envy your travels. I’ve been to the UK a few times, and went to school there briefly but I’ve not been aware of Scarborough until now. Thanks! And thank you for liking “Sentries”.

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