Still life 2 – January 2013

Exactly two weeks ago this blog was created and I’ve already received 100+ likes and 30+ follows, so thank you all, it means a great deal to me ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m looking through D-SLR cameras at the moment, because I want to upgrade from a basic digital one. Nikon D3100 seemsย all right, but obviously I need to make sure I find out more about the lenses and extra equipment. The first thing I’ll do when I buy it will be the ‘bokeh’ effect and I will love to experiment with shutter speed and aperture ๐Ÿ™‚
still life 4

still life 3

still life 2

still life 1


7 thoughts on “Still life 2 – January 2013

  1. That is so great! And amazing! I love your photography. It interesting, beautiful and highly creative.

    Nikon D3100 is a very good camera. It got an excellent reviews from photographers on Amazon.

  2. i recommend reading ken rockwell’s camera site – he has reviewed a lot. especially nikon! and if you can afford i would strongly recommend to buy a fx camera instead of a “crop camera”. with the d800 and d600 on the market there should be chances to get a nikon d700 for a descent (well…) price.
    Keep up the good work you’re doing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Martin, thanks for the website address there’s a lot of elements I particularly liked. I was thinking about getting Nikon d7000 but after reading Ken Rockwell’s article on the matter it just confused me even more. ‘If you just want fantastic pictures, get a D5100. If you’re a seasoned photographer who also wants more knobs and blinking lights, go for the D7000.’ He says the quality of the pictures is the same, so I’ll just have to go to the store and try to gain some more advise.

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