6 replies to “Hoya filter Photo Review

  1. Thank you Trish. I would have done this before but don’t have enough time. The difference is very interesting and it become more evident when you tweak your picture with PS or with GIMP. The sky become dark blue and the colors on everything come back to life. I just bought the Nikon PL2 67mm : http://goo.gl/bDNeXs and I am pretty happy with it. It’s a must!

    Have a good day Trish

  2. Hi Trish,

    It would be interesting to see a before and after done in summer. I think there might be more of an advantage to using a UV filter in bright light. I just started using one, it made the water and sky look better, but not so much some of the trees and foliage. I need to check it out more and maybe do some before and after shots. Have you tried Cokin filters? They give an interesting effect too.

  3. I had one for my allaround lens, but it is too small for my current lenses. I think it makes a world of difference specially when there is loads of light or outright sunny. Seriously thinking about getting a new one for summer 🙂 One really good benefit you can get for this filter when shooting around water. In one direction it makes light reflect of the water and in the other it lets the light through the surface of the water. This effects the color of the body of water in our pics. I am not explaining this very well 🙂 You should just try it out.

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