New Chapter: 13 Months in Germany

Today I officially arrived in Munich, I’ll be here for 13 months and I will work full time for a year as part of my course. At the age of 20, I put on a happy mask and made the transition to find how relaxed and beautiful Germany is. In one day I completed all the paperwork, tried all the main methods of public transport in Germany and found some alone time in the beaming sun at the MarienPlatz.

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12 replies to “New Chapter: 13 Months in Germany

  1. Munich is a great city to live for some time. I hope you’ll be able to explore more of Germany and Europe in the process 🙂

  2. Hey! Welcome to Germany! I hope you’ll have a great time. Some time during the next 6 zo 12 months I’ll be moving into the are west of the Chiemsee. That’s not so far from you. I’m really looking forward for what you share about your experiences!

  3. I hope you can squeeze as much as you can about the German culture. They have a rich culture full of peaks and valleys.

    Munich reminds me of the unfortunate events of the 1972 Olympic Games. Berlin would be a sweet spot to take picture. What do you think?



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