My first solo trip – Prague

Coming back from Mexico made me experience a strange yet strong side effect of a great holiday – a travel bug. I decided to finally visit Prague and something told me to do it on my own, which turned out to be an amazing decision. The atmosphere, culture, incredible food and awesome people made it an unforgettable trip. It gave me a chance to see what I enjoyed and liked, and I ended up going to an orchestra alone after an hour in a boutique with an extraordinary owner who helped me pick out THE outfit for Vivaldi as well as taking a sizeable puppet home (her name is Hanerole).


6 replies to “My first solo trip – Prague

  1. Well done on getting out into more of the world alone! It’s one of those heartening things that a photographer needs to do – to explore the world at your pace, according to what you see and to exercise and grow your talent. Good! LB

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