Dublin 2010

In 2010, I decided to go to Ireland with my mum and sister around my birthday and it turned out to be quite an adventure. First of all the plane tickets were wrongly booked as our last names displayed ‘Your Last Name’ by an accident so we had to change them at the airport, which cost us £150. When we got there, my sister’s pushchair got lost but we wouldn’t let that ruin our stay there… until it did…

We got outside the airport and my mum loves walking and trekking, so we rejected a very kind Irish man’s offer of getting on his bus to get to our hotel and we decided to walk there ourselves. We figured it would only take us an hour or two. But it took us much longer than that. There was no sign of our hotel anywhere and my sister fell asleep on my mum’s back… Which must have been horrible as she wasn’t particularly skinny at that age. We met two lovely old women who informed us that our hotel is miles away. On the news that we hadn’t had the chance to exchange the currencies, they gave us 20 euros and wished us a nice stay there. That was so kind of them, but Irish kindness didn’t stop there. We managed to catch a bus to city centre for free as the bus driver looked at my sister asleep on my mum and took pity on us.

The city centre was packed with people and it was difficult to take good pictures and find nice spots, especially with my sister complaining about her legs hurting but once we got to our hotel, we could finally relax. In the evening we took a stroll down ‘Castleknock manor’ road and it was just sublime. The atmosphere of a calm, tranquil Irish area was just so inviting and friendly.

We received our pushchair on the day we were leaving and the taxi driver on our way to the airport must have been the most friendliest person I had ever met. Overall, it was definitely worth going there 🙂

Dublin 1

Dublin 2

Dublin 3

Dublin 4

2 replies to “Dublin 2010

  1. I have never been in Ireland and I enjoyed your photography very, very much! Pictures are outstanding!

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